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After years of suffering with constant headaches, temporary loss of sight, earaches, toothaches, having good teeth pulled out, aches and pains, nausea, coughing, tremors, poor balance, anxiety, countless visits to different specialists, MRI’s, emergency room visits, my husband and daughter convinced me to go see a chiropractor because of their good results. So I chose Dr. Ken Zachkewich. He diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia and systemic candida. With cranial adjustments and guidance for the candida, I can live a regular life after being in a walker in 2012. I only have minor tremors and aches to contend with now and then. I cannot thank Dr. Zachkewich enough.
G.G., Aug. 2013

In 1989 I developed arthritic knees. On Nov. 1, 2010, I was in Dr. Ken Zachkewich’s office for my regular chiropractic treatment. On that particular day, my left knee had such a pain that Dr. Ken knew I would probably holler if he was to touch it. He asked me if I would consider taking a laser treatment. After reading the information and considering the recommended treatment, I said yes. Being skeptical that the treatment would work, I checked the time as I left his office after the first session. In about an hour and a half, the pain left my knee. I followed the recommended treatment plan and now I take a treatment eight to ten weeks apart to keep my knees from stiffening up. I haven’t had any pain since the first treatment.

M.F., April, 2013 

I’ve been a patient of Dr.Ken Zachkewich, since he first came to Lac La Biche (1996). I find the treatments greatly help my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia pain. He also takes time to offer suggestions & advice. I’ve also seen Dr. Mike, he also gives great care. Recently, my husband started to see Dr. Ken due to what had previously been diagnosed as sciatica nerve pain (he has a history of back pain). However, through Dr.Ken’s concern we discovered my husband had multiple blood clots in his leg. Dr. Zachkwich even took time to phone our medical doctor to express his concerns & suggest an ultrasound which discovered the clots. We thank God for giving Dr. Zachkewich wisdom in this situation. I also enjoy the health food store,there is a nice variety of products & friendly staff at both the store & the office.
M.B., January, 2013

My family and I have received chiropractic care in four different Canadian provinces, and in my opinion, Dr’s Mike and Ken consistently offer the absolute best treatments that I have ever had.

Having raised three daughters to adulthood with regular chiropractic care, I highly recommend chiropractic adjustments to support the hormonal and physical stresses of teenage years. My second and third pregnancies convinced me that prenatal chiropractic care is vital for a comfortable journey as a woman’s body shifts and grows along with her developing baby. And as I enter menopause, regular adjustments make this stage of my life much easier also.

I also deeply appreciate how chiropractic care has helped me deal with chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and sensitivities.

Adjustments have also supported my daughter’s healing after knee surgery, and have shortened the severity of colds and flues my family has dealt with.

I believe that if you support the body’s nerve function, you support everything else within the body.

Recently I fell and twisted both ankles, hyper-extending tendons and stretching muscles. The pain level I was experiencing decreased by 70% with the first laser treatment and I noticed by the next day that I had better flexibility and strength within the ankles. I greatly appreciated the lowered pain, and also that I felt better able to focus on my physiotherapy exercises instead of instinctually guarding my ankles from hurting. Laser treatments on fresh injuries of soft tissues and ligaments are amazing!
J.M., August, 2012

This clinic is a unique gem and a complete surprise to find in rural northern Lac La Biche. It is startling that so far from the city we have access to two extremely skilled, talented, experienced and well educated chiropractors, as well as chiropractic skull adjustment, acupuncture, cutting edge laser technology, and massage therapy. A place that offers so much support to its clients is a rare find, and to have this support in Lac La Biche is amazing. I see both chiropractors regularly, and increase my chiropractic care during back spasms. I am extremely grateful to both Dr Mike and Dr Ken for their continuing commitment to this clinic and their patients.
M.M., August, 2012

I had knee surgery in December of 2010, and began laser treatments at Lakeland Chiropractic Clinic within three days of the repair work. At my six week check up with my surgeon, he had to check his chart to be reminded of when my surgery had occurred as my scarring, swelling and redness of tissue was significantly less than normally expected. At three months, my knee looked as if the operation had happened a few years earlier when I compared my leg to coworkers with similar surgeries. Laser helped me recover much faster than I had been told to expect. I also paired my laser treatments with chiropractic care. A year after the surgery, I began acupuncture for the burning nerve pain in my foot, which is a side effect of my knee surgery. I had been told that I would need to live with the nerve discomfort, as time was all that could be offered for healing. Yet within three acupuncture treatments, I could comfortably put my work boots on without pain, and was able to begin exercising in the direction of being able to run again as I had prior to the injury. Without acupuncture, I was told to expect a lifetime of chronic pain that I would have had to learn how to live with.
G.M., August, 2012

At Lakeland Chiropractic the staff are extremely warm, friendly, welcoming, and incredibly professional. They are very accommodating and always work to meet your needs. My family and I have appreciated this quality many times when we have tripped and twisted our ankles or backs and needed chiropractic that very day when the schedule of patients is already full. I recently injured my ankle and was on crutches for four weeks. During this time I saw both Dr Mike and Dr Ken for chiropractic care, laser therapy, and acupuncture. These treatments, as well as the expertise and advice from both doctors, has been invaluable to my recovery. Thank you!
N.M. August, 2012

“I highly recommend the services of this clinic. I am a 50 year old woman who has lead and continues to lead a very active lifestyle. Chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy have been more effective in controlling my arthritis and fibromyalgia than drugs.”
M.H., March 2012

“These treatments have helped with chronic arthritis, a three year old shoulder injury, and a recent shoulder injury. I am now able to comfortably go up and down stairs, walk in the snow, and am planning on re-starting hobbies such as roping and dressage riding. Laser therapy has cut my recovery time in half.”
M.H., March 2012

Living all across Canada, I have visited many different chiropractic clinics and Lakeland Chiropractic in Lac La Biche, AB, is one of the friendliest and most accommodating clinics I have ever encountered. I feel very safe receiving chiropractic care from both Dr Ken and Dr Mike, and I genuinely enjoy their company. Last year I tried Laser Therapy for the persistent acne on my face and have been ecstatic with the results! This is the first treatment I have found that truly heals my skin and prevents further breakouts. It’s a relaxing process, too, as the laser pads are warm and comforting and I know that the results will be fantastic when the treatment is done – a day or so later the difference in my skin is truly remarkable. I also appreciate that the Vitality Health Food Centre is attached to the Chiropractic Clinic as it makes shopping for vitamins, supplements, beauty products, and gluten-free food items accessible and convenient. I highly recommend Lakeland Chiropractic.
SM, August, 2012

“I woke up one morning unable to walk, sit, stand or lie down without extreme pain shooting from my left hip and all the way down to my toes, as well as numbness. I arrived at emerg at the local hospital and after a few agonizing hours was told that I had a pinched sciatic nerve, and that only time, medication, mand physio would help. After a very painful weekend I was able to see Dr. Michael Shulko at Lakeland Chiropractic in Lac La Biche. Because of the severity of my pain, he was limited in what he could do with his chiropractic skills. He was, howver, able to use acupuncture. I went into this as a skeptic and left walking and with enough relief to drive home an a true believer in other forms of “medicine.” Since my first visit and two more besides with both acupuncture and chiropractic combined, I am able to function fairly normally with tolerable pain. I am optimistic that more of these treatments will resolve this ailment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mike for his expertise with acupuncture and the staff for their compassion.”
RS, June 2012

“I have been a patient of Dr. Ken since Feb. 2004. I was very self conscious and nervous about seeing him for the first time ,since I had a bad experience with chiropractors in the past. Dr. Ken seemed to know how I was feeling and he set about making me feel comfortable. He took a health history from me and just in that first visit my husband and I felt comfortable with him. He is a personable person and very considerate. He is concerned with the health and wellness of the whole person, not just the ailment.

Dr. Ken has expanded his clinic to include massage, accupuncture, and laser treatments, he also opened a health store.

I have made use of all the services. I have been treated almost like family and I know that whatever is wrong Dr. Ken will be able to help.

I am thankful that he has been used by God to assist me with my issues, I am much better physically now then I was when I first saw him.

Thank you Dr. Ken you have greatly blessed me
BD, May 2012

“I would like to thank Dr.’s Zachkewich and Shulko for the integral part they play in helping me manage not only my overall health but also in managing a mysterious ailment of MS. They are both a wealth of information complimenting the practice. I am confident in seeing either of them for my chiropractic adjustments and answering my many questions!!

“Being open-minded to complimentary therapies, I thought I would seek acupuncture in settling my MS symptoms-WOW!! Very beneficial in settling my symptoms and professional in the delivery of treatment.
Thank-you. Namaste.”
DM, April 2012

“I have been using the services of Lakeland Chiropractic ever since it ame into being several years ago (1996). Dr. Ken Zachkewich is an excellent chiropractor and has, through chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy, helped me to lead an active lifestyle. Last year, I had been suffering with a chronically sore shoulder. Dr. Ken suggesteded that I try Low Level Laser Therapy on that shoulder. It took a few treatments and the nightly pain in my shoulder began to leave, eventually leaving totally. It feels wonderful not to have pain such as that. I am very grateful to have such a fine service available in our community.
Thank-you Dr. Ken.”
VR, April, 2012

“The service and care I received at Lakeland Chiropractic was outstanding. After taking several different approaches to an SI joint issue, I was finally able to receive the information and treatment required. Dr. Ken took the time to investigate and research the issue, review all tests results from my family doctor and use various approaches to resolve the issue. They are a very caring and helpful clinic and would highly recommend them to others.”
J.D., March 2012

“About ten years ago, I was afflicted with a vice like headache that would not go away. I tried the traditional medicine route. I went to my family doctor. I was put on Tylenol 3’s. The headaches intensified to the point where I could not handle any bright light or noise. Driving was nearly impossible as was work. My family Dr then prescribed antidepressants and a sleeping aid. I was sent for a MRI’s, x-rays and a CT scan. All showing that everything was “normal”. The pain continued for three months. My husband suggested seeing a Chiropractor. So I made an appointment to see Dr. Ken. He said that my neck was out of alignment and introduced me to the lovely world of chiropractic. Twenty minutes after having my neck adjusted, my headache went away. TWENTY MINUTES!!! After months of pills and pain. It took many adjustments, sometimes as many as three in a week, to bring normalcy back to my life.

I have had adjustments to assist with carpel tunnel syndrome, through pregnancy, after sport injuries and major back strains. I now see whichever chiropractor is available that fits in with my schedule. Thank you Dr. Ken and Dr. Mike for you many adjustments.”
J.B. March 2012

“On a recommendation from my orthopedic surgeon to try laser therapy on my feet rather than surgery, I booked for a consultation with Dr. Ken Zachkewich. Upon discussing my specific issues, Dr. Ken recommended both Shockwave Therapyonce per week and Laser therapy twice per week. Within weeks I had less pain and no inflammation; in fact my feet feel 50% better already. I no longer need pain medication cream. How fabulous!

Dr. Ken is very caring, informative, and friendly. He really shows his concerns for you, the patient. The staff is friendly and make you feel welcome. I would (and did) recommend to anyone who suffers from constant pain to contact Dr. Ken’s office ASAP.”
E.S., March 2012